New Zealand born, I live in Rome Italy with my wife and three daughters. I graduated university with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and proceeded to work as an art director of magazine design and as a photographer specialising in interior design. However I always found time to sculpt and have worked on the films ‘King Kong’ and ‘Narnia’, collaborated with the Italian company Felice Calchi Plaster Casts & Sculptures making equine anatomical sculptures, as well as various significant public monuments in New Zealand.
Since moving to Rome I have dedicated myself to oil painting. I continue to study and practice various approaches and enjoy working in the studio and on location (en plein air). I have undertaken numerous commissions for portraits and landscapes and I also often have artwork readily available for purchase.

2018 La Persistenza della Forma. Group show. Rome, Italy.
Pre 2018 Selected Sculptures. Group Show. Auckland, New Zealand.

2019 Featured in February issue 38 of Artists Portfolio Magazine