Gear I use

I am pretty enthusiastic about trying out new materials and equipment. I am forever changing and tweaking, trying to find the perfect setup.

IMGP2916 (2).jpg


Always on the hunt for the ‘perfect’ brush. I have stacks of them - natural hairs, synthetics and blends - you name it. The ones I used most commonly are ox hair, hog bristle and mongoose. I most commonly use a variety of flats, long flats and filberts. I often source my soft brushes from Rosemary & Co (England) and bristles from Leonard (France).


Paints and Medium

Since the birth of my daughters I have tried to use alternatives to cadmium and lead based colours (which I love) to have a toxic-free palette. I also use Spike Lavender Oil as my thinner instead of any from the turpentine family including odorless and citric based products. It is expensive but totally non toxic and the smell is wonderful. I purchase this from Zecchi’s in Florence. My medium often is Old Masters medium also from Zecchi’s.
Paint brands I use are mostly Zecchi, Williamsburg and Old Holland and I am forever changing my colour choices.


Panels and Canvasses

For smaller pieces I use rabbit skin glue and gesso primed panels from either Zecchi (Florence) or Poggi (Rome).
Larger pieces I like to use a fine weave belgian linen or linen/canvas blend which I stretch myself.



I like Mabef easels. In the studio I have a medium size standard easel and for en plein air I use a standard Italian field easel with a small pochade box rested on the inbuilt arms.

Pochade Box.jpg

Pochade Box

I use a small custom pochade box. I bought it online in Rome but it is sourced from Florence. You can find them also at Zecchi’s or on I attach this, secured with velcro, to the extendable arms on the Mabef field easel.